The company plays its social role, and carries out its social responsibility internally for its human capital through continuous care, training, and coaching. It also plays its social role towards the local community through participation, sponsorship and linking its role in the development of education with initiatives seeking to serve the community and promote community responsibility.

Our Projects

Tatweer Education Holding Company, the executive arm of the Ministry of Education, has made advanced efforts to implement investment opportunities in the education sector.

Tatweer Driving Schools in Hail

The Saudi General Department of Traffic and Tatweer Education Holding Company has signed an agreement to establish 8 car driving schools, in the presence of the Minister of Education. The schools will be located in Hail, Asir, Makkah, Madinah, Jazan, Najran, Al Jouf and Northern Borders. in January 2019, the schools of Hail City were inaugurated.

Sinad City for Special Education in Mecca

We seek to be a flagship house of expertise in providing distinguished special education services at the regional and international level.

Prince Sultan Center for Special Education Support Services

We seek to be a center of excellence, as an early intervention center for children with special needs, as a center for study and research in the field of special education, and provide special education and rehabilitation services for children and their families.


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Tatweer Driving Schools

Our schools provide theoretical education, simulation and practical training to drive vehicles according to elaborated training curriculum, and an evaluation system that includes theoretical and practical elements that meet the standards of traffic safety and training in all regions by attracting the best local and international expertise and employing advanced technologies in this field.

Registration in educational vouchers

Maaeen project is a free scholarship (educational voucher) granted to educational institutions licensed by the Ministry of Education and the relevant authorities to provide seats for targeted students, in accordance with the requirements and standards of the Ministry of Education.

Sinad City for Special Education

Sinad City for Special Education, located in Makkah, is one of the largest special education cities in the Middle East. We seek to enable our children with disabilities to have access to appropriate employment and education opportunities that ensure their independence and inclusion as an active agents of society. We will also provide them with all facilities and tools that help them achieve success.