To achieve the vision of the Ministry of Education in strengthening the skills and capabilities of education staff, due to their important role in making an effective impact on the student and society, by demonstrating the safety driving skills and behavior through the latest methods and techniques, to achieve a high level of efficiency in driving, which will contribute in reducing the burden on the government, and also reduce the human and material losses. Therefore, Tatweer works to achieve the objectives of the ministry by enabling students to know and understand this knowledge through:

Traffic Safety education and awareness activities for the students and community;
Introduce the basic driving concepts by teaching them safety driving;
Familiarize them with traffic regulations, traffic rules and safety systems.

In order to achieve the Ministry’s objectives of traffic safety and awareness among students, the company has prepared the necessary studies and conductwed research in accordance with the best international practices to establish schools and centers for students in safe educational establishments starting from the secondary stages. The purpose of traffic safety is to adopt all plans, programs, traffic regulations and preventive measures to control traffic accidents and maintain the security of the country and its human and economic components.