The idea of establishing this program emerged from the company's strategic position in developing the education sector and the support services of the educational process. Also, THC business, feasibility studies and consultancy in the past years; has led THC to make Masarat Consulting Program the sole executing ones for its advisory work. This center will be an important asset in supporting privatization and national transformation projects, and a primary tool for achieving the Kingdom’s vision 2030. It also, stimulates the private sector to be a robust partner in achieving this vision. Moreover, depending on the national capacity instead of the foreign ones is a high goal of this center. It may establish partnership with specialized and high-quality companies pertain implementing deliverables.


Masarat Consulting is committed to providing the right solutions to clients with integrity and respect while enhancing innovation to reach excellence.


Enhance excellence in quality improvement, increase efficiency, adopt change as an opportunity, and demonstrate flexibility in dealing with obstacles.


Enhance innovation, apply new ideas for business development, embrace a culture of change and development.


Promote self-esteem, and respecting other customers by instill a number of organizational behaviors such as appreciation, encouragement and constructive communication.


Enhance integrity and utilize the highest ethical standards in the business and daily relationships of our employees.



Provide strategic consultancy, operations and project management.

Business Strategy
Operational Model
Feasibility Study
Mergers and Acquisitions
Operational improvement
Contract Management