THC serves as a link between the Ministry of Education and the private sector, to support private sector participation in investment. It has provided an advanced effort to study and implement investment opportunities in the education sector in the Kingdom, as THC has the capabilities and competencies to implement projects and initiatives.

Information Management

Ability to measure the impact of initiatives, with a permanent capacity to improve and correct decisions continually. This can be realized through management information methodology, not within a single institution / organization, but among institutions, entities, and individuals as a whole and at the national level.

Human Competencies

THC has national expertise that understands the nature of initiatives and projects, engaging the private sector, conducting feasibility studies, and evaluating investment options to provide the best solutions and consultancy through Masarat Consulting Program.

Know-how Sectors

THC has deep knowledge of the priorities of overall Saudi economy sectors such as (continuing education, construction, transportation, technology, etc.). Also, it has carried out a study of other sectors within the education ecosystem such as (Sports, Real estate investment, nutrition, health, safety).


Projects and Initiatives

Prince Sultan Center

for Special Education Support Services

An integrated center includes educational and rehabilitation specialties. It provides specialized high quality services to support the educational process for children and to help them achieve high standards of performance in their personal and social life.

Sinad City for Special Education in Mecca

We seek to be a flagship house of expertise in providing distinguished special education services

at the regional and international level.