Tatweer Company for Educational Services was founded on May 18, 2012.It seeks to work with the Ministry of Education to comprehensively develop the educational system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It also seeks to provide the students with knowledge and skills that enable them to achieve optimal success within an international economic and cognitive range. The phase of public education development strategy is led by “Tatweer Project”. A new vision for education in the Kingdom comes from the heart of this system, which places education at the forefront of its concerns, and constitutes a harmonious set of regulations and programs to achieve this vision. The strategic plan for public education development has identified a variety of programs, projects and initiatives – some of them are being implemented- that would transform the current education system into an integrated system where employees would be fully prepared to face the challenges of the 21st century. The strategic plan also includes some key partnerships and international collaboration programs.

Tatweer Educational Transportation Services Company – the executive arm of the Ministry of Education in the field of educational transportation services. It aims at providing educational transportation services, improving the quality of provided services to match what is applied in developed countries, and promote sustainability in Operations and enabling integration with public transportation.

Tatweer Building Company seeks to enhance the quality of educational buildings, educational facilities and administration buildings through a robust design solution that meet the ministry’s demands in developing the educational infrastructure. Also, ensuring high levels of quality in the construction, operation and maintenance and contribute to developing the educational environment, which positively affects the outputs of education. TBC undertakes major efforts in addressing the challenges that are faced in providing high-quality buildings services for the education sector in the Kingdom.

Tatweer for Educational Technologies is the technological arm of the Ministry of Education. It was established in 2016. It provides high quality solutions and services by developing e-services in the educational field. It offers high quality education and communication digital and technology solutions to the public and private sector.
The company aims at enhancing the Saudi education sector through utilizing technology and digital transformation to keep pace with the local and international growth.